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Amertrade - Têxteis Lda., consolidated more than 20 years' ago on the ready-to-wear market!

There are many definitions of "Fashion", but what really matters is the fact that the quest for comfort, quality, innovation and beauty has become part of everyday life. This being the case, since 1991 AMERTRADE — TÊXTEIS LDA. has been a renowned company which is passionate about the wonderful, unique universe of fashion production.

Our work flourishes following the paths of creativity, experience, KNOW-HOW and irreverence, always lending a unique, special style with a personal, very characteristic touch. With this in mind, we seek out excellent partners who appreciate the same values, keen about the art of doing things well and making good clothes as well as determined to obtain the high quality of their products and services.

Thanks to its accumulated knowledge and innovation, AMERTRADE seeks out innovative tools and flexible mechanisms which are capable of meeting the most demanding needs of the ready-to-wear market. The company's basic mission is to serve as an interface for the materialisation of designs and trends, making the production process friendlier and more faithful to the clothing creators.

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Inspire us with your creations...

We'd love to be your perfect partner to bring your creations to life and we boast more than 20 years of experience, always with same concern for quality, comfort and beauty.

In a competitive market, the company is set on being the strongest, the most competitive and the best. Creativity and innovation are the motivation of Amertrade. We are committed to state-of-the-art technology and we have at our disposal a versatile, dynamic team which develops new pieces with a view to following the trends and needs of the market and it is capable of reproducing and interpreting the creators' ideas in the production of clothing.

That's why we can say: Inspire us with your creations... AMERTRADE PUTS THEM INTO PRACTICE!